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About us:

Our Save the Dove Block Project is split between two intial project. First, we have the Dove Block Restoration Project, in which we are actively working to retivalize the entire building on the corner of Exchange St. and Seneca St. in Geneva. This is a vital intersection in our community, and we’re hoping to rejuvinate the building to provide visitors and residents better utilization of it. Our current goal is to split the building’s purpose by floors. The first two floors are prime locations for commercial enterprises for the City. We envison the third floor to serve as a museum to showcase Dove’s work. This is fitting, as Dove resided on the third floor during his time in Geneva, and created some of his best pieces there.

The museum aspect of the revitalizaton stems from our second project, the Arthur Dove Tribute Group. Dove was one of Geneva’s most famous residents when he settled here in the mid 1930’s with unmatched artistic talents. Our museum has potential to bring well-deserved awarness to his past life and spread knowledge about his talent, while inspiring others through his ever-present dedication mirrored in all of his pieces.

Geneva has recently recieved a $10 million grant from the state of NY and Governor Cuomo for our Downtown Revitalization Initiative. Our Group was awarded $900,000 towards revitalizing the building for commercial purposes. We are extremly thankful for this grant and can not wait to see the opportunities that will unfold for us. Learn more about the Downtown Revitalization Initiative and Geneva’s plan to allocate the funding.


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